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We know from experience that realizing a brewer’s dream takes passion, determination, and a good partner! Trust BrewBilt® to be with you every step of the way—from concept to opening. We’ll help keep you on track—from working with your banker on financing solutions, your architect and contractor on equipment layout, to scheduling, logistics and ongoing project management. We’re dedicated to helping build the craft beer community one brewery at a time.






Designing a new brewery starts with you. We listen and learn as you describe your craft beer passion and unique brewing needs. As your story unfolds, our understanding of your vision takes shape: What kinds of beers will you brew, and how much production capacity will you need? What are your equipment requirements and space restraints? Our BrewBilt® team includes brewers, design engineers, talented craftsmen, and owners with over fifty years of business experience. We’re ready to get started when you are.


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Your vision takes shape as space is readied for installation of BrewBilt’s custom equipment. We can perform the complete installation or just supervise your local crew.

We’ll be there when it’s time to test equipment and start brewing. We look forward to giving your brewers an overview of the complete brewing process using your new BrewBilt® equipment!





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As the manufacturer of your brewery equipment, we know every weld and every ounce of craftsmanship that went into its creation. Our customers know the quality of our tanks to rank among the very best available in the North American brewing community. BrewBilt® backs that confidence with a 6-year material and workmanship warranty on everything we build. Supporting our customers is a priority of everyone at BrewBilt®. We’ll be here when you need us—or when you want to chat about making great beer.





We know from experience that one of the biggest hurdles of building or expanding a brewery is financing. From construction and equipment costs, to the finishing details like tap handles and pint glasses- choosing a financial partner is crucial. BrewBilt® has years of experience working with financial institutions to make financing BrewBilt’s equipment and your brewery a reality.  Contact BrewBilt® CFO, Dave Hanson to discuss how we might help.