Custom Brewery Equipment - Hand Crafted in Northern California


BrewBilt® hand crafts high quality brewing systems that are designed around your specific brewing needs. Built by talented craftsmen in Northern California using the finest American 304 stainless steel. Every BrewBilt® brew system features superior efficiency with an intuitive ergonomic design. From our compact Pilot system to our powerful Pub and Production systems, BrewBilt® has you covered, and we’ll be with you every step of the way during the life of your brewery. We look forward to learning your story and helping craft your perfect brewery.


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5 Barrel Production Capacity

Start your brewery with a compact system that has the features of a larger brew house. A 5 BBL Pilot System is a perfect starter system for a new brewery. As you grow and are ready to scale to the next production level, the Pilot System now becomes a brew lab for testing new recipes or brewing small batch seasonal specialties. BrewBilt® Pilot Systems are available in 2, 3 or 4 vessel configurations; steam or indirect fire.




7-15 Barrel Production Capacity

The Pub System is ideal for a high volume neighborhood brewery—whether your operation is just starting out or scaling up from a smaller brew house. When combined with larger cellar vessels, the mid-range sizing of this system gives the brewer the ability to move into larger production volume without the initial investment into a large production system. BrewBilt’s 7-15 BBL Pub Systems feature the same reliability, durability, and performance of our largest production systems. BrewBilt® Pub Systems are available in 2, 3 or 4 vessel configurations; steam or direct fire.




20-40 Barrel Production Capacity

BrewBilt’s 20-40 BBL Production System is the ultimate solution for efficient, big batch brewing—featuring a functional, streamlined design that optimizes the art, science and motion involved in brewing on a production scale. A production scale brew house produces significantly more beer, but also has the potential for greater losses in efficiency if the design is not optimal.  The system will enable you to keep the taps at your brewery flowing, satisfy local accounts and move into bottling and canning for distribution to maximize profits. BrewBilt® Production Systems are available in multiple vessel configurations; steam or direct fire.


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CEllar Vessels


Intuitive design, high quality materials and exemplary workmanship goes into every BrewBilt® vessel.  The end result are superior cellar tanks that hold near-freezing lagering temperatures with ease. A unique high polish interior along with a single point head penetration lends itself to shorter clean in place times and more thorough sanitation.  Every aspect of the design is carefully considered and meticulously finished such that the brewhouse and cellar vessels can be aesthetic center of your brewery.




Conical primary fermentation vessels are fully glycol jacketed and insulated. BrewBilt® fermentation vessels are available in a common 60 degree or 45 degree cone, but like everything we do, can be customized to fit your space and brewing style.


Brite Tanks

Dish bottom secondary fermentation vessels are available fully glycol jacketed and insulated or as single walled serving tanks.   



Uni Tanks

Our Unitanks are designed like a fermenter with brite tank features for an all-in-one style fermentation vessel.  Unitanks are a versatile choice when space is an issue.


Lager Tanks

Horizontal fermentation vessels, designed to maximize surface area, promoting efficient lager fermentation. Great for brewing fruit beers too.  Fully glycol jacketed, insulated and stackable.